Martha Crow Still Life Paintings

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Orange Vase with Gladiola, 2013 Red Flower Sketch, 2013 Tangerine on a String, 2013
Terracotta Pots, 2011 Two Apples and Sifter, 2012 Two Vases of Carnations, 2013
Mustard Pot and Postcard, 2011 Apples & Bread in a Plastic Bag, 2011 Asparagus and Purple Flowers, 2011
Baking Project, 2011 Cabbage and Red Onions, 2011 Grape Jam, Roll and Pear, 2011
Green Pear and Glass, 2011 Iris, 2011 Lady Apples and Brioche, 2011
Squash and Lavender, 2011 Three Red Apples, 2011 Two Red Peppers, One Yellow, 2011
Vermouth and Apples, 2011 Yellow Pepper, Glass and Two Green Pears, 2011 Bottle with Broccoli and Green Pepper, 2010
Magnolia and Four Apples, 2010 Potatoes and Shallots, 2010 Tulips and Pears, 2010
Turnip with Leeks, 2010 Three Red Apples with Green in a Bag Cheesecake
Acorn Squash Green Apple with Broccoli Petunias in a Glass Vase
Pretzels and Raisin Bread Bread with 3 Eggs Glass Bottles with Pink and White Flowers
Apple Pie Parrot Tulip and Pink Lily Muffin and Apple
Petunias in a Glass against Blue Small Red Petunias, Green Sake Pot Egg, Apple, Bread
Red Zinnia White Turnips with Greens and Onions Dynamite Pansies
Cut Apple daisies anemones
three and a half scones two quinces three parrot tulips
red cabbage red apples and a glass pansies and yellow apple
Parrot Tulips, 1989 New House Painting, 1986 Tibetan Tea Cup, 1985
Grandmother’s Toucan, 1984 The Red Nutcracker, 1982 Obi, 1982
Two Oranges, 1982 Crazy Quilt, 1981 The Comic Spirit, 1980
Apple Painting, 1979 The Brass Candlestick, 1979

Welcome to my Still Life Painting page, which includes both large and small examples of my work as well as new and old paintings. I believe I have so far done more large still lifes than anything else in my painting life. It was while making those still lifes that I first realized how interested I was in developing my painting skills so that I could express my observations more accurately, an enterprise I am still pursuing.
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